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Welcoming a hero home from World War II

Big flag draped over Centre Street in West Roxbury to honor World War II flyer

Tim West was among those who gathered outside the Centre Street firehouse in West Roxbury, to honor 1st Lt. Joseph Finneran, of Iffley Road in Jamaica Plain, shot down in a raid over Ploesti, Romania in 1943. Finneran's remains were positively identified earlier this year and they were disinterred from an army cemetery in Belgium for permanent burial today in Mount Benedict Cemetery in West Roxbury.

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Thank you for covering this

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Operation Tidal Wave was one of the costliest raids of World War 2, but the oil fields were so important that they took the risk to wipe out production.
Brave men .

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Yes. Petroleum was a major strategic factor (and constraint) on both the Germans and the Japanese in WW2. Both of them underestimated the impact that the allies' vastly greater physical resources (oil, food, etc) would have on the outcome of the war. The Confederates in the US Civil War made the same mistake. Brave men like Lt. Finneran made a huge contribution to our winning that war, by helping to choke off the Nazi supply of fuel.

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