Woman seriously injured when car crashes into tree, liquor store in Allston

Repair crews were at work this morning. Photo by Rory Nolan.

WBZ reports a woman suffered life-threatening injuries when the car she was in jumped the curb, hit a tree and wound up sideways inside Marty's Fine Wines and Liquors on North Beacon Street around 2:20 a.m. One person was taken from the scene in handcuffs. NBC Boston reports owner Marty Siegal does not have insurance, but will try to get the store re-opened.



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Hey Roman

So how can we contort this situation to absolve the driver? They apparently left in police custody, sooooooooo.

Oh and because I live down the street from here, I can tell you that this car had to be traveling pretty fast to jump that curb and still have momentum to barrel into Marty's.

Must've swerved to avoid a cyclist yeah?


C'mon Man

Don't you think it's a little overly aggressive to call out someone you disagree with like this? If he had commented and this was your response I'd have nothing to say (except thumps up), but to call him out by name on a thread he's not even in? It doesn't exactly encourage discourse is all I'm saying.

The comment below you is doing it better.


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Before all the UHub Car Haters jump on this thread, please consider how many times you've seen liquor stores dart out into traffic, checking their phones, and wearing dark clothing. I don't even see a crosswalk in the picture, which makes me wonder why the liquor store thought it would be safe in traffic. Safe travel is everyone's responsibility, and I hope everyone remembers that before assigning blame.


Lookit that photo

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The liquor store's sign lights are out. Of course the driver couldn't see it.

- an unabashed lover of driving


I thought the same thing...

How does a retail business not have a basic insurance policy for damages? What happens if there is a fire, or shelves fall down, or you know, a car barrels into the front window at 2:20am?


No insurance? Then he's a fool

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I find that very hard to believe. Running a liquor store carries a fair amount of liability, I just can't believe that an established place would have zero insurance.


This isn't liability

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This is property damage.

Your health insurance won't pay if somebody sues you for not shoveling your sidewalk.

The driver may not have the money

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You're right that the driver is at fault (apparently), but suppose they have no money and minimal insurance. Plus it could take months or years to get anything from the driver. Suppose this crash happened, the car was stolen and the driver gets away. Wouldn't you want to have coverage for that?

There is something fishy....


If he did have insurance,

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His insurance company would probably just pay him for the damages so he can get the store repaired/reopened, and then they would deal with getting the money from the driver('s insurance company) - which might take many months or even years.

This of course assumes that the driver has insurance, has enough insurance, the car wasn't stolen, or any number of other things that could make recouping from the driver difficult, insufficient, or impossible.

Odd Border

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This is that odd spot where 02134 and 02135 zigzags at a weird angle. I once lived in one of the few 02135 buildings on Gordon Street, it caused me no end of trouble with companies whose database didn't match.

(Of course, I solved this by moving to the sliver of Allston south of Comm Ave, and then spent two years trying to convince companies that I lived in Allston, not Brookline. You can't win.)

On the bright side

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He keeps the good beer on the far walls opposite the road and parking lot, so it should be safe. RIP to the nips though.



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The NBC10 article states that the owner DOES have insurance.

"The business' owner said he is devastated at the extensive damage. He says that although he does have insurance, he plans to move forward to get his store reopened."

What the. ?

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What is up with all these people driving into buildings? Is it really that hard to use a steering wheel and brakes? I feel bad for the store owner.