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Woman whose body was found in the Charles had a Virgo-symbol tattoo

Virgo tattoo

UPDATE: State Police say she was a 23-year-old Mission Hill resident.

State Police have released a photo of a tattoo they found on a woman whose body was recovered from the Charles River yesterday, in the hopes somebody might recognize it and help them identify her.

The victim is a black female, aged approximately 18 to 25 years old, approximate 5′ 5″ in height and weighing approximately 120 lbs. The body was clothed. Anyone who knows of a missing person who matches that general description or has a tattoo like that, or anyone who has any other information possibly related to the victim, is urged to call the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit at 617-727-8817.

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I hope they are able to identify her. Tragic.

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... there is something deeply and fundamentally sad about the dead being alone, anonymous, unclaimed...

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I grew up near Captain's Pond. We still don't have the answer to Melodie Stancewicz yet a book was written about it. That was 1975. I hope this poor soul doesn't end up the same. Everyone murdered woman has a story.

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May she rest in peace, free of whatever demons in life took her to the water.

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