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Worcester Line riders have unhappy trails after a train goes off the rails

An outbound Worcester Line train suffered "a low speed upright derailment near Lansdowne," Keolis reports. No injuries, at least, but a major mess on the line, with some passengers being bused back to South Station as the T tries to organize a bus convoy from there to Newtonville, where riders can board a train headed west.


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The passengers have had a terrible year. Does anyone believe next year will be better?

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They could release a Calendar of with a picture of one the many disasters they have had during the past year. Maybe the proceeds could go to help offset the many who lost pay due to the total incompetence of the management team, Baker, and legislature who are supposed to be trying to improve this failing system.

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And as usual, Baker skates away with none of the blame. Five years in as governor.

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I'm disgusted with the MBTA maintenance-of-way crew that took out the Boden Lane Bridge in Natick and presumably the piece of equipment they struck the bridge with.

This is part of the accelerated bridge replacement program?

Or do incompetent workers need to be laid off? Degredation from neglect is better than thoughtless demolition.

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