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14th Suffolk state-rep candidates to discuss issues in Thursday forum

The Southwest Boston Community Development Corp. is holding a forum Thursday for the three candidates who want to replace retiring Angelo Scaccia as the state representative for the 14th Suffolk district, which covers Hyde Park and parts of Roslindale and West Roxbury.

The online forum starts at 6:30 p.m. and will feature questions for Rob Consalvo, Duckens Petit-Maitre and Gretchen Van Ness, who are competing in the Sept. 1 Democratic primary. Advance registration is required.



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Driving around HP, I see much more Rob Consalvo signs than the others. I will have to listen to the forum on Thursday.

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But I do, and since Consalvo knows me, I'll probably vote for him.

It's been an interesting race. Petit-Maitre is doing a good job as a first time candidate. One of my questions is whether he will be pulling more votes from Consalvo or from Van Ness.

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Oh I know but if you bother to put a sign in your yard, you probably are more likely to vote.

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But Martin Keogh had a big sign advantage last summer, but it didn’t work out well for him.

Again, I see this race as Consalvo’s baring something we don’t see. It’ll be interesting to see the vote totals.

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You can't be a patronage hack without patrons, right?

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But he is capable of accomplishing thing for his constituents. The last thing MA needs is another blow-hard "progressive" whos more concerned with sound bites than their state. Van-Ness is a hard pass for that reason.

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He's a good and decent man, for whom I have voted many times. However, he will not receive my vote this year.

His work in BPS since he left the city council has been focused on the mayor's bidding and not the welfare of students, whether that's the WREC facility closure or the current insider land deal on Columbia Point giving away the McCormack's fields.

Very disappointing. I hope this land giveaway comes up in the forum.

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Consalvo will win this because he's a known entity, is progressive enough for most people here, and didn't burn bridges as a city councilor with a lot of people like Tim McCarthy did. Van Ness has run before but does not have much presence in the area beyond the usual lefty types, and most of the high turnout lefty Roslindale precincts are not in this rep district anyway. Petit-Maitre seems like an interesting candidate, I hope he stays involved after this.

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