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6 p.m. singing group tells participants to stay inside

Since its start on Sunday, the 6 p.m. sing-a-long group in Woodbourne on the JP/Roslindale line has gotten pretty popular - somebody organizes the night's song and people have been coming out into the street to take part, socially distancing, of course. But starting tonight, everybody should stay inside while they sing, because the six-foot thing might not have been working and people were getting too close:

Starting 3/18/20, the 6pm street sing becomes a 6pm indoor online sing. SHELTER IN PLACE AND SING IN PLACE!

Let's use this as a way to connect and check in every day with your nearby neighbors. You can use FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Live, or even an ordinary phone call. You can of course also include friends and family who are further away. Please self-organize with your neighbors to do this.

We will continue to post the song of the day each day, and maintain the list of suggested songs, available to all here. Please encourage your immediate community to continue singing The 6pm SING IN PLACE, but again inside our own homes. We need each other and we need connectedness to maintain hope in these difficult days ahead.

Tonight's song: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

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F'n instructions. How do they work?

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This seems like exactly the type of thing we could have easily skipped while were all trying to stay healthy.

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