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Area fizz to go national

MassLive.com reports Keurig Dr Pepper will start distributing Polar Seltzer and related fizzy products nationally; good news for New Englanders who ever find themselves west of the Berkshires.



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I have been upset with Polar ever since they discontinued their cola. I realize it wasn't a big seller because so many drones out there will only drink Coke or Pepsi, but I thought it was terrific.

And here I was wondering if the rest of the world has to make their own Orange Dry. Like plebians.

Polar Seltzer is already plentiful on the Upper West Side of New York!

Actually sounds better than most flavored coffee pods. Indian Spice blueberry Toffee with hints of Nutmeg?

Don't you feel proud when your favorite local brand makes it? Like when Grillo's got their mass distribution I was proud because I used to grab 2 spears for a dollar outside Park St station.


I've been more or less addicted to Polar's diet pink grapefruit dry for years now. It's one check on a list of things that have kept me from my dream of relocating to a remote shack somewhere in the middle of the California desert in the vicinity of Panamint, Death, or Owens valleys when I retire (or somewhere on the LA's East Side for that matter).