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BC High moves to online classes after fifth student tests positive for Covid-19; principal warns parents of student contact with outsiders after school

BC High in Dorchester told parents today that it's moving to online classes tomorrow and Friday after getting notice today of its fifth student case of Covid-19 since last Friday.

In an alert to parents, Principal Adam Lewis says he is acting out of heightened caution in postponing in-school learning until Monday because contact tracing by the school shows the five students became infected outside the school.

"The students have been outstanding in the building but if they are not vigilant and safe when they are offsite, then it will invariably impact our ability to conduct in-person learning," Lewis wrote, adding the contact tracing showed "no transmission on campus, or within our BC High community."

Lewis reminded parents of the school's social compact, which requires that students, while off campus, follow "best practices," for minimizing their risks of contracting Covid-19: "The unfailing use of masks, keeping physically distant (six feet or more) from those outside your family or designated group, frequent and thorough hand washing, limited travel, and strict avoidance of all large gatherings."

The alert comes as Boston public-health officials say the 02125 and 02121 Zip codes now have the city's highest test positivity rates, at 9.7%, surpassing East Boston, which had long had the highest percentage of residents testing positive for the virus.

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With the the wicked high tides predicted for tomorrow. No swimmimg to school.

But what about the parents who pulled their kids from public school and sent them to BC High because it was in person and they thought it was outrageous that BPS was still remote.

I’ve got some formerly smug fellow parents to reach out to.


Must stay in the nest!

would the "quality" of their student body and educational standards plummet to the extent as is alleged by the pissants moaning about the one year deferral of the entrance exam for Latin, LA and OB?


Do you talk to yourself and then answer your own questions a lot?

We are glad your can sort things out in your mind. We are proud of you.


so you wouldn't have to flip to the back of your text book looking for the answer.

Please say that to my 6th graders face.

Schools in Northern Ireland, that has an infection spread that makes the Dakotas look safe, are being closed for 2 week. The rest of Europe, which has rates that make the US as a whole look, well, not bad, are keeping their schools open. Priorities, I guess.

the United States, as a whole, has handled the Covid-19 pandemic extremely poorly. We can thank President Donald Trump's criminally irresponsible mishandling of the pandemic for the fact that so many people refuse to comply with wearing masks, and social distancing rules, not to mention the rules against having large gatherings of people in one place, particularly indoors, that the Covid-19 pandemic is running so rampant and out of control right now. Too many people of all ages are acting like Donald Trump. He sure let the cat out of the bag, regarding such irresponsible actions, attitudes and behavior on the part of so many people. It's disgusting.


Are you really saying that places like England, France, and Spain handled COVID better than the US and continue to do so?

I guess it’s true what they say about Americans.

Thailand, Japan ... etc. All did much better.

The US nonresponse and Trump's pure idiocy were entirely laughable if they weren't continuing to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Just don't even try to go there, mister.

Until they didn't, which is now.

I'm not giving the US high grades, but there are a lot of other nations in their cohort. I give the US a C for their response. Taiwan and Vietnam get A plusses for their efforts. New Zealand gets an A. I'll give Japan and Germany Bs, maybe B+. That said, there are a pantload of developed nations that get C. I can't see how Trump did any worse a job than Johnson, Sanchez, Conte, or Macron did. Fs are being reserved for the likes of Brazil and Iran. China gets a D- barely passing. Yes, they were able to control spread, eventually, but the only reason we are having these conversations is because they failed horribly at the beginning.

U.S. Virus-Death Rate Is World’s Worst Among Developed Nations

As for China, In China, from Jan 3 to 2:43pm CEST, 18 October 2020, there have been 91,490 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 4,746 deaths. That's with a population more than 3 times the US's. They succeeded in stopping the disease. We haven't.

Trump screwed the pooch, and he can't leave off doing it. He's a mass murderer. If he manages to steal the election, the United States is over.

Or I could go to the stats directly, which are dispassionate. And looking at the stats, I will once again claim that the US has the same general death rates has fellow G-8 members Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. Yes, Canada, Germany, and Japan have done better, but to claim that Trump has done worse than, say, the Spanish government is at odds with reality.

Interesting you look to China as a model. Perhaps if Trump was the authoritarian that people think he is, he'd rule more like President Xi. But thankfully he isn't, the down side being that locking down the nation and using a vast security apparatus to control the population are not allowed.


Good for BC High. They care about the health of their students, are tracking how they are doing, and taking action as needed.

BC High School's caring about the health of their students, tracking how they're doing, and taking action as needed is far more than can be said about Boston College, Boston University, and a number of other colleges and Universities in the general Boston area.