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Boston to remove street-hockey and tennis nets from city parks, in addition to zip-tying basketball hoops

Mayor Walsh said today that while he continues to want to keep parks open, he's instructed Parks workers to remove all street-hockey and tennis nets to encourage people to social distance, after a nice weekend during which many people didn't.

The move comes the day after Walsh announced that workers would be zip-tying basketball hoops.

Walsh added he hopes coming warm weather won't encourage people to swarm local courts. He said he looked outside today and sighed: "Nothing like a beautiful cold, drizzly day to keep people in."

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This confuses me. Sure, you cant social distance at certain sports - basketball, maybe street hockey. But others - like Tennis, soccer - you definitely CAN keep distance and also enjoy the sport and get exercise.

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Someone will get offended so you do them all.

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I don't see how that can really work.

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Aren't each player touching the tennis balls? That could be a chance to transmit the virus, no? Same with a soccer ball.

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I don't think you're fully understanding the need to stay home unless it's for something essential.

Yes they didn't actually lock us inside our homes and said it's ok to get some fresh air when it's feasible. But that doesn't mean go play tennis. It means you might take a brief walk around your block when no people are around if you've been inside for a while.

Every act of staying inside helps. Every time you step out it poses some danger. The goal is for every citizen to maximize staying inside.

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Can they zip tie the packs of dirt bikers in Franklin Park while they are at it?

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God, it must be awfully claustrophobic inside your head with all those motor vehicle users living there rent free.

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No - he's right on the minibikes/dirtbikes.

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As far as the actual topic at hand, he is wrong.

Look, for 95% of the complaints about kids on dike bikes, I’m with my nemesis, but the kids typically remain at the “social distancing” distance from each other. So long as they don’t have a friend on the bike with them, they have no chance of helping the spread of Covid-19.

Let’s just hope that we can all go back to hating on the dirt bike crowd because they are just plain obnoxious.

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Thank you, Mayor Walsh. This is a sad but necessary step that we have to live with. If we can all do this right, it won’t take too long. In Wuhan, the lockdown began January 22 and two months later they are well on their way back to normal, with very few new cases reported. Boston is not as hard-hit, and we have the advantage of knowing more about this threat from the beginning, despite some very poor judgment by our federal leadership. If we can stay home and stay safe, with a two month timeline we should be in much better shape by early May, and those basketball courts could be open before summer.

But April is going to suck.

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But April is going to suck.

Yup, that's the truth, and the sooner we are reconciled to it, the better. April is really going to suck. It will be miserable for the luckiest of us. But we can get through this if we face it head on and do what needs doing.

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Agreed. And we shouldn't be looking at it like "we're not hard hit like New York." We should be thinking, we're not hard hit yet.

Anything you see another city or country doing to combat this virus you should be doing. Whether or not the government has mandated it yet. Combating this disease is all about not waiting until things get worse to react.

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