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Calendar of vigils and protests in the Boston area

Greg Cook is posting events.

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So who is going to go to all these white towns with super restrictive zoning laws and are out of code with 40B with a petition to ease zoning to help facilitate more diversity and reduce segregation?

Is anyone going to demand that they petition for more money to go to minority school districts? Especially with looming budget cuts hanging over the districts. Minority students will be affected by this.

It is great to see people who look and talk like me standing up for issues that affect people that do not look and talk like us but lets be real honest here and realize that the vigil or protest ends they will all go back to their homes and continue to vote against measures that might decrease the median income and whiteness of their towns.

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Charge those phones and bring external battery packs

Watch. Every. Cop.

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I feel bad that I will only use this info to avoid traffic?

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