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Callahanned just doesn't look right, so let's say a backhoe got storrowed at the entrance to the Callahan

Storrowed backhoe

State Police report the Callahan Tunnel remained shut even after a crew unwedged the backhoe whose trailer driver managed to get it stuck at the entrance so an engineer can make sure the cramming and jamming didn't damage the tunnel.

State Police first reported 10:40 a.m. that the tunnel was shut completely by the "over-height trailered backhoe" both because it was wedged in good and tight and because it sprang a leak, spewing hydraulic fluid all over.

The backhoe and its trailer were removed by 11 a.m., but:

Tunnel remains closed pending inspection of tunnel ceiling by an engineer, who is en route..




Take the Ferry next time. Just take A Street to First and go all the way to the end.


This photo screams
Developers Rushing to build condominiums in East Boston..

My father told me about the time my grandmother was driving a car with my Dad and her niece and nephew through the Callahan Tunnel and she had a panic attack and stopped the car and would not drive any more. A truck driver had to get out of his truck and drive the car out of the tunnel. Can you imagine the back up? This must have been about 1956 or 1957, when my Dad was 7 or 8. The back up must have been horrible.


I remember my 1st couple of times driving the Callahan, I get it. The roads were super narrow and it felt like you might clip either side while the person behind was definitely up your ass no matter how fast you were going

I remember my family was driving over one of those crazy floating bridges in Seattle and someone was just totally stopped in the right lane. My dad pulled in front of their car and checked on the driver to see if they were okay.

The guy was having a panic attack ... floating bridges are wacky and it apparently freaked him out to be so close to the water. Dad came back to the car to explain and my mom shifted over to drive our car over the bridge while my dad drove the guy's car to the pull out at the end of the structure.

Turns out it wasn't entirely crazy as that same bridge did sink some years later.

There are people who earn a fee for driving cars over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the Mackinack Bridge, and the Confederation Bridge (PEI) for those who balk at driving themselves.

Fear of tunnels and bridges even has a name: gephyrophobia (from CBBT annual report: http://www.cbbt.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/GovRpt2018FINAL.pdf)



I can absolutely understand why driving on a road (CBBT) that hovers low over the ocean and isn't connected to land at either end, with no land in sight in any direction, might freak some people out... though it's one of my favorite drives for those reasons.


is like that. Used to carry two-way traffic, one lane in each direction. Driving over it looks like this:


“ and my mom shifted over to drive our car over the bridge”
Awe... remember when cars had big bench front seats and you could just shift over like you described.

I wonder if he has driven through the tunnel before but this time the digger wasn't in the proper (lower) position.


...whenever my family would drive through the tunnel that sculpture of the angel holding a car above the entrance always intrigued me greatly.


Is that it has something to do with William Callahan, the Army lieutenant for whom it's named, because he fell in battle in northern Italy in 1945.

As for why he specifically was honored with a tunnel, his father was chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which built it.


I always figured the angel holding a car was symbolic of "all cars that pass through this tunnel are blessed/protected" or some such. It's actually quite avant-garde looking.

Why don't they just lower the tunnel a few feet?!!