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Central Square pub shutting down after 25 years due to coronavirus concerns

Dalton Main reports Jerry Coleman is shutting the Field:

He said he’s sad to see the end, but wouldn’t do anything else because he wouldn’t dream of putting anyone in danger.



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I don't care about the chains, or the pretend local breweries, or the places with the $34 hamburgers. This is different.

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The chains can raise money on wallstreet.
Mom and pop owner business's are screwed.

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This restaurant/bar die off ain’t over. There is no long term plan for relief.

The only tenable option for most independent bars and many neighborhood restaurants is to pay them to stay shut. Otherwise, expect this to continue because the opportunity to generate the revenue they need comes in the distant phase 4, and even then there is no guarantee of return to 100% capacity during phase 4.

All this outdoor seating is nice - rain not withstanding - if you have the location for it. Takeout is helpful. But there are many establishments we frequent that have neither a charming patio nor sidewalk bistro seating. Furthermore, we know this COVID outdoor dining trend is a seasonal contingency soon to hibernate.

There is no path for survival for MOST of our favorite establishments. Even if restrictions were looser, the populous is cautions and many still avoid public accommodations. And pay attention to the places - locally and nation wide - that open only to have to shutter again because of an outbreak; that, too, takes a financial toll.

The business model of these places depends on conviviality and community. Without results that mimic New Zealand or South Korea etc, we might be years away from an environment where the classic neighborhood watering hole and pub can thrive.

One stop gap I would recommend we support in the meantime is the Restaurant Act. We can’t just say to these small businesses “good luck, you’re on your own!”


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I think the Field requested outdoor seating after the street was reconstructed with wider sidewalks a few years back, but they were denied since that block is still a bottleneck for pedestrians as well as vehicles.

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Just 2 more months until it's uncomfortable to be outside in the evenings without heat lamps. Lots of places that are treading water right now are gonna sink in the fall. RIP almost every dive bar in the city unless it has decent food and a big kitchen and can survive on takeout orders over the winter.

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What?! In 2 months it will be mid September. That’s probably the best weather of the year. It’s certainly better for outdoor dining than the awful 94 degrees we are about to get this weekend.

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sad but true. Now its our favorite bars and small restaurants. Tomorrow will be our favorite music venues. I hate to make this political but no one seems to care about the small guy.

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That's some bad news, the Field was a good, solid spot. Not too crowded much and when it was there was fun energy. Affordable drinks and food. Their burger plates were always an option for me in Central. Met friends many times there. Well, if I need some rowdyness closeby there's always the Supreme Liquors cashiers' line

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Wow this sucks.

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