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City planning online events for annual Marathon remembrance on One Boston Day

Mayor Walsh said today that Wednesday - the annual One Boston Day commemoration of the 2013 Marathon bombings - will see a series of online events to help Bostonians come together virtually, since they can't do it physically.

In a press conference at City Hall, Walsh past commemorations have focused not just on thoughts and remembrances, but "acts of kindness, both big and small," and he said one act of kindness this year - physical distancing - will be bigger than ever, especially now that Boston and Massachusetts seem to have entered the surge of cases. He said that 52% of Boston Covid-19 cases have come between April 5 and 12. He added that talk out of Washington to fully re-open the economy on May 1 is "completely irresponsible."

Walsh said we will one day see light at the end of the tunnel, but until we do, "I need each and every one of you to help us get there" - stay at home, no parties, no visits with non-immediate family, wash your hands, social distance when outside, cover mouth when cough or sneeze, etc.

Also, Walsh said, enough with the throwing of gloves and masks on the ground, where city or store workers have to pick them up. If you don't see a trash can nearby, roll them up, put them in your pocket and dispose of them at home - and then wash your hands, he said.

Walsh said that the Boston Hope Medical Center at the South Boston convention center had a total of 45 patients last night as hospitals and homeless shelters begin to send over Covid-19 patients who still need some care.

He added that the first round of renter relief funding for tenants who have no other means of help making rent has closed. City got 5,500 applicants for share of the $3-million fund, lottery to determine who gets money, which will be distributed by end of month. A second round is being planned. He added that the Boston Resiliency Fund has raised $24.4 million, and that $10.4 million has s far been distributed to local groups helping people affected by Covid-19.

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