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Convention-center hospital could take first patients tomorrow; several lenders agree to three-month mortgage deferrals; racial, ethnic disparities emerge

Mayor Walsh said today that the 1,000-bed field hospital set up in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center has been named the Boston Hope Medical Center and could open to patients tomorrow.

He said the city is looking for medical volunteers to help staff it, added, "I don't think I have confidence that's enough." He said Boston today reported 2,812 confirmed cases, up 310 from yesterday - the largest single-day jump - with 34 total deaths, and with an expected surge of new cases still expected.

At a press conference outside City Hall, Walsh said that more than a dozen Boston-area lenders have signed an agreement to give Boston homeowners a three-month reprieve on mortgage payments. The lenders agreed they would not charge late fees, would not report late payments to credit bureaus and would not require homeowners to make up the deferrals all at once.

Walsh continued that the city is starting to release Covid-19 numbers broken down by race and ethnicity. Although the city currently only has such information on roughly 60% of current cases, "We do see disparities and it does concern me," he said. He said Mass. General is reporting a disproportionate number of Latino patients, and that city data shows higher rates in Dorchester, Mattapan and Hyde Park.

He said he is creating a task force to figure out what to do about this. But even before the task force makes any recommendations, he said the city is trying to boost communications with particularly affected communities to get them to better distance themselves outside and take other steps.

He said a particular problem emerging in East Boston is household clusters - one person gets sick, then spreads the virus to other people in his or her household.

Walsh urged people to say home on Easter and not have big family dinners. This will be the first Easter he won't share with his mother. "I'm not going to see her because I love her, "he said. Addressing Bostonians, he added, "Listen to me: God certainly understands."

Walsh said that a number of institutions are now providing housing for medical workers and first responders:

Northeastern has set aside 135 rooms in its West Village dormitorty for first reponsders who don't want to risk infecting family members who are at particular risk should they contract the virus.

Boston University is providing 75 rooms to Pine Street Inn's shelter staff.

The Hotel Boston in Brighton is providing 74 rooms to Covid-19-positive first responders so that they don't have to risk their family's health.

Northeastern University is providing one of its dormitories with single-occupancy rooms to Boston's first responders who live with someone who might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, such as older adults and people who have serious underlying medical conditions. Northeastern will provide 135 rooms with beds, private bathrooms and kitchenettes at their West Village dormitory.

Emmanuel College, Mass Art and Simmons University also providing housing for medical workers. Longwood-area institutions are also providing a total of 1000 parking spaces for medical workers.

Walsh added that the Brookline Development Corp. is letting two veterans centers shift 40 to 50 Covid-19-positive veterans to an old nursing home on Corey Road in Brighton that the company had planned to turn into a new residential building - after the company rehabbed it for its new temporary use at no charge to the groups.

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I like the concise and measured reporting you're doing throughout this challenging time. Many mainstream media outlets crossed into excessive-and-hysterical about a week ago.

Keep 'em flying.

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While our local and national media has gone overboard with the relentless fear porn, Adam has indeed been more concise and accurate, and has leavened it with humor (yes, the group of turkeys trying to get into the Y over on Huntington Avenue was funny - and of course the TLF had to chip in for their demands for bagels and proclamation that they'll reclaim their ancestral lands), which is just as needed and welcome as a mental-health walk and a masked run for French Toast fixin's.

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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping” -- Fred Rogers

Adam is presenting the helpers and facts..

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What would be really useful would be a list of the mortgage lenders who have agreed to the deferrals, or a link to somewhere that does have a list.

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I've updated the original post with a link to the list; sorry for the delay.

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Any update on renters, which make up the majority of this city?

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One is that the city has a $3-million fund to help renters in financial trouble. The other is that a lot of Boston housing stock consists of two- and three-family homes and he's hoping that landlords of these will get a mortgage deferral and pass that along to their tenants.

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Deferral on loan maybe but announcing that there is a moratorium on eviction signals renters not to pay rent and there is no such deferral on rents.

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Courts are closed. Therefore, no evictions.

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i heard him on big-city radio p.s.a.
i wonder if he'll do a p.s.a. on radio-concorde for haitian speaking persons especially since dorchester, mattapan, hyde park were mentioned.

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near that building, in particular the Westin which is right next door and has a connecting walkway.

Are any of those being used for first responders?

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