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Court rules man got a fair trial on charges he bashed his roommate to death with a baseball bat in Roxbury; to spend rest of life in prison

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld the first-degree murder conviction of Cristian Rodriguez for using a baseball bat to kill his roommate in their room on Tremont Street in Roxbury in 2012.

The ruling means Rodriguez, who had argued he was insane and so incapable of being held accountable, will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Rodriguez's lawyer argued that his insanity defense was hampered by the judge telling the jury to be careful not to accept what Rodriguez said to psychiatrists or social workers before the murder as proof of things that actually happened. The state's highest court ruled the judge did nothing wrong.

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I can kind of see how murders happen pretty easily with a gun or a knife but if you're killing someone with a baseball bat, that is some committed savagery. Seems a likely indicator of dangerous mental health problems not compatible with a free range life.

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a walk away card. If found NGBROI he'd be sentenced to a mental health facility for an indeterminate number of years until deemed safe to society and himself. Putting the violently mentally ill in prison is wrong for the ill person and for those incarcerated in that facility.

I'm making no judgment on this case as I am not intimately familiar with it.

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So then you support him taking an insanity plea, not being criminally guilty.

An insanity plea doesn't mean someone goes free. Most of them end up in asylums the rest of their lives.

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Easily stabbing someone??? I would say that stabbing falls into the " committed savagery" column.

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