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Even street people have rights

WBUR reviews body-camera video with defense attorneys of BPD action in the Methadone Mile during last summer's Operation Clean Sweep following the attack on a jail guard there.



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Police Commanders got their orders from politicians to clear the homeless like cattle to keep them in line.
"Keep movin, movin, movin, though they're disapproving keep those doggies moving Rawhide.
Don't try to understand them just rope en throw and brand them.

The guy got out of his car and threw the first punch, not really sure what he expected to happen after that.


Where he was punched first through his car's window. But do go on.


He asked for a fight and he got one, unfortunately for him he got a whooping.


I assume the UHub headline here is supposed to be facetious but it feels pretty dehumanizing. :(

If you read the entire WBUR report (it's really long), you see the point is that all these people were essentially being treated like trash (there's a quote from City Councilor and former public defender Ricardo Arroyo about the very name of the thing: Operation Clean Sweep), in a way that would likely never be done anywhere else in the city, and possibly in violation of repeated court rulings that simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not enough of a reason to do what was done to them.


I don't disagree, I'm just saying I think the headline perpetuates the harm rather than highlights it. Just my two cents! :)

I think a better headline would have been
"Yes, even street people have rights."
"Lawyers: Yes, even street people have rights."

This is exactly why our society is the way it is. Even Street People have rights. Calling them street people is exactly the same thing as saying Niggers from Dorchester have rights. People treat them like straight trash and judge them like they aren’t even human. You really think they want to be in that situation. Study the drug and teach yourself about what happens when you’re on that drug before judging them. Your body craves the opioids to the point that you get really really sick when it doesn’t have it. So you do anything to avoid that sickness and it takes over your life. It’s sad everyone treats them like straight dirt and nobody cares.


But then lapsed into an assumption that all street people are on drugs. Sigh.


Calling people "Street People" and the n-word are very different things. Unless you mean to compare being black, and someone referring to them via a racial slur with a long history, is some how analogous to being a drug addict and being called homeless?


Adam used fairly humanizing language, including the word "people."

He could have called them "the homeless" which is absolutely dehumanizing.

Who gave the orders and how the decisions behind these tactics need to come out in the open, so it does not happen again.

For city officials to say, "it was a year ago" and "this has already been discussed" is not the right response.

The city council needs to hold a hearing since Boston does not have a citizen's BPD oversight group.