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Eviction moratorium over, many tenants scramble to keep a roof over their heads

The Dig reports.

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Finally going to see some.

My current lease is up in March and I want to finally catch a break.

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You won't catch one - quite the opposite, rents will be higher so landlords can recoup the losses, and good luck finding anything at all with less than perfect credit score and less than stellar prior landlord references.

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Homes,hotels,retail stores, malls,theaters, bars and restaurants are all having problems paying their rent with no end in sight. Anyone have a solution before we reach the tipping point and society collapses?

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If you are a landlord, and you evict someone in a climate like this, you are an irredeemable piece of shit.

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even though evictions can now proceed in the courts.

I'm curious how long that will be maintained.

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How many remember the geniuses who thought by building more dense housing it would bring the prices down? It took a virus to do that.

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