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Fire damages Hyde Park Victorian

Firefighters at 46 Beacon St. in Hyde Park

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 46 Beacon St. in Hyde Park around 6:30 a.m. for a fire that did an estimated $100,000 in damage.

No injuries reported.

Photo by BFD:

House damaged by fire

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I know that it's just the lighting, but it looks like they're spraying the place with "mood slime." Who's got the Jackie Wilson cassette?

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Jackie Wilson is CLASSIC get up and dance! Lonely Teardrops!!

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With the black helmet and red beam, the first pic resembles Darth Vader holding a lightsaber. Warn the rebels!

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I live nearby and the owner has been doing some work to the outside recently painting, siding repairs, etc, hope insurance covers the damage, could be an amazing house if he finds the means to fix it up.

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