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Hazy sunrise as western smoke reaches us

Sunrise over the Arboretum, with plenty of haze in the air

Mary Ellen watched the sun come up through a haze from West Coast forest fires this morning at the Arnold Arboretum.



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Did the (leading edge of the) stream move faster than expected? It was forecast to reach here tonight (Tuesday night). That's an impressive deviation if it moved fast enough to reach us last night and be well east of us by this morning.

See the map. There's more to come.

It's here.

A weak cold front expected to sweep through much of the East in coming days probably won't be enough to clear the air, Benz warned.

The upside is that the smoke is so high in the Eastern sky that residents aren't breathing it.

Was sort of the peak - when all of New England would be covered.

I was wondering about the timing--the timestamps on the NASA map are specified with a Z suffix so I wonder if it's actually UTC, and we should have been expecting it at 2 pm instead of 6 pm?

I was looking at 00:00 UTC, or about 8 p.m. our time.

Mary Ellen was the beat reporter for Millennium Park!

Maybe that's microscopic pieces of the place my parents were renting when I was born ... or maybe its airborne particles from my second cousin's house ... Hi there!

young smoke.

We just got back from visiting family in GA (what a fugly drive), and on our way driving west to the supermarket sometime after 6 PM today, we saw the red sun and not as much light as there should have been. Pretty eerie stuff. Makes you wonder what it's like in the middle of it all.

Best of luck to anyone who has family/friends/whatever out west.