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Life comes at you fast: Organizers of pot convention change minds, postpone their thing

NECANN, which last week said the pot show must go on, today announced its putting off its annual convention at the Hynes later this month:

Due to the increasing concern and public health crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the NECANN Boston convention, scheduled for March 20-22, is being postponed. We are working with our venue partners and city officials to select a new date in 2020 and will update everyone as soon as we have specific information and details to share. All vendor registrations and pre-sale tickets will be honored for the new date. Please be advised that this postponement will impact the convention, the NE Canna Community awards show, and the NECANN Competition awards.

The convention could have brought roughly 21,000 people to the Hynes.



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Covid Madness

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Hand-rolled joints of handled pot shared among several mouths and sets of pinching rubbing fingers. I wonder if that would happen in a group setting like a pot convention.

G’head. Bogart that joint.
Better yet, preserve your lung health.

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