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Lower Mills pizza place gets OK to make more dough

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans by Pat's Pizza, 2254 Dorchester Ave., to expand into a neighboring building to allow for more kitchen space and seats.

Brendan and Patrick Newell needed board approval to add roughly 375 square feet of kitchen space and to expand the number of seats from 19 to 34.

The mayor's office and city councilors Frank Baker, Michael Flaherty and Annissa Essaibi George supported the proposal, with a neighborhood liaison from the mayor's office calling Pat's "a historic institution in a vibrant commercial district."

Nobody spoke against the proposal.



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Food is great and the owners are both wonderful guys. Happy it worked out in their favor

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So glad our local businesses have to go through an approval process to serve pizza to a few more customers a day in a space a bit larger than a janitors closet. Think of all the local neighbors this process protects.

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Dang laws always impeding on my civil liberties!

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I imagined everyone on the board are 10 year old kids dressed in suits.

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The best pizza in Boston

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