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Man already wanted for breaking into a car is arrested while trying to break into more cars, police say

When officers working a construction detail at 1 Post Office Square Wednesday evening noticed a guy trying door handles on cars near them and he ran when he saw them approaching, they gave chase, police say.

Police report officers caught up with Michael O’Leary, 36, formerly of Somerville and now of Boston, a couple blocks away on Kilby Street, near State Street, and arrested him.

But they did not charge him for trying door handles in Post Office Square but because he seems to have missed court dates for an incident in February, 2019, in which officers allegedly caught him in the act of rummaging around a car on North Washington Street and grabbing a gun he found in it.

O'Leary will now head into court to face charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition for that incident, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Best type of police detail story...

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If you lock your car, you'll at least discourage bozos like this one, who doesn't carry burglarious instruments.

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Blame the scum-bag crook

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and you won't need to worry about bozos like this one, and you also wont need to worry about people deciding to break your windows to try and make sure you dont have anything good in there.

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Take the radio out? Do people still do that? It's easier to lock up the car than to take out everything somebody might want to steal. If they're breaking your window to make sure you don't have anything to steal, taking your valuables with you doesn't stop them, and you've still got a broken window. You do seem to be worrying about that.

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if they can just open the door? If replacing your car window would cost you more than to replace anything left in your car, then you should be more worried about a broken window than anyone taking something from your car.

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Do you have any idea how much a car radio costs? Much more than a window. I know, because I have replaced both. The radio wasn't stolen, it just broke. The window was broken by someone trying to steal the car. I guess I should have left it unlocked, so they could steal it without breaking the window, eh?

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I mean, sounds like they either stole the car or didn't (not clear from your story), and the window was broken either way. So I don't see how locking the door solved anything other than causing you to have to replace a broken window, that you otherwise wouldn't have.

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Out on bail? At the least, confine him to home and slap an ankle monitor on him.

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Adam it seems like a link to the article about the current arrest is missing. Am I just not seeing the link text? I can only find the link to the 2019 arrest. Thanks.

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Sorry about that. Link added, in the second paragraph.

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