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Man charged with getting off on the Green Line

Transit Police report arresting a Medford man they say stared at a woman on a Green Line platform on Park Street, followed her onto a trolley, sat across from her and then "exposed his genitals and committed a lewd act."

Police say Daniel Schofield, 57, allegedly performed his act of self love on Sept. 24 and that detectives caught up with him on Oct. 9, arresting him on a charge of lewd and lascivious conduct.

Innocent, etc.

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Can't they be barred from riding public transportation?

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Man arrested?

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If only he was also a fare evader. Then he could be charged for getting on, and getting off.

Also, ugh. I suppose it is a good thing I do not understand what would possess someone to do something like this.

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Well for all the women that have to deal with this everyday it's a good thing you don't understand how anyone could do this. What would be awesome is if men would start to intervene when they witness unwanted sexual acts / unwanted aggressive speech / unwanted anything.

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Thats a nice thing to say in theory.

Considering he was JERKING OFF ON A TRAIN. Im not 100% sure he's stable and I would want to approach him. There's alot of nutjobs out there these days that are looking for any reason to blow a gasket

The last time I tried to "intervene" I got punched and had a black eye for a week. It could have been far worse, like a knife or a gun, and I could be dead.

Yeah sorry, I won't ever do that again. Call me chicken shit, but ya know, I'm the only one who wakes up in this body every morning so I gotta put my own safety first. Not being able to see out of one eye for a week because it was swollen shut sucked.

Oh and that guy.. yeah. He was never caught. So much for intervening...

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The last time I intervened, in response to aggressive homophobic harassment on the T, multiple bystanders started yelling at me to mind my own business. Fun stuff. What would be awesome is if those men and women hadn't done that to me.

And the original incident was a woman harassing a woman.

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57 years old. Plenty of time to nuke your brain cells with alcohol or drugs and/or develop early onset dementia.

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obvious victims of the opioid pandemic. This guy doesn't look like one of them.

It's an ancient crime. My grandma once told me a story of being 8 or 10 years old, walking around her seemingly safe neighborhood with her mom, and being flashed by some pervert in the canonical raincoat. It's an enduring pathology.

But then again, pretty much every woman I know has gotten an unsolicited dick-pic texted to her from some dude who is utterly oblivious to how unwelcome that is, and how homely, sad and comical their junk looks. Aiming high might help hide your chins; no angle will beautify your shriveled shortcomings, ya pitiful schmuck.

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The T always had a surprise or two in store for us weekly, pre-COVID. Since then, it's gotten worse seemingly. I feel sorry with this victim and hope she gets any needed assistance from the police or Suffolk DA's Office.

It's a pain some days, but driving my wife in/from work is at least peace of mind that she's not encountering scum like this.

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Ridden it for years - never had anybody plow into my train or bus with their vehicle.

Choose your poison. One is gross/annoying - the other can be fatal.

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And traumatic for others.
Try being a 12 year old girl And being harrassed & groped by grown men on your way to/from school.

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The T always had a surprise or two in store for us weekly, pre-COVID. Since then, it's gotten worse seemingly.

These people have nowhere to go. Shelters now have very strict limits to prevent spread. Many day programs have closed for the same reason.

They have no where to go except try to stay warm on the T.

I dont support the specific person here, but from talking to friends in social service this is a thing and is happening now.

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...makes it impossible for them to sleep on the benches.

That being said, those who aren't homeless have the liberty and the obligation to wait til the get home to do what he did, but the homeless barely have access to restrooms nowadays, which would be the only even remotely acceptable place to do it.

I also know people who work in the social services field and they agree this is a problem, too.

I do NOT condone his activity, but I understand it.

Now child molesters on the other hand...they can get hit by a bus for all I care.

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