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Massachusetts anti-vaxxer sues supporter of New York anti-vaxxer he sued last week

Anti-vaxxer Shiva Ayyadurai, who last week sued anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy for $95 million over allegedly libelous lies Kennedy posted about him - including one disparaging Ayyadurai's claims to have invented e-mail as a 14-year-old - is now suing anti-vaxxer Erin Elizabeth Finn for $115 million for allegedly re-posting Kennedy's alleged lies and then making up some more of her own.

Ayyadurai's complaint, filed this week in US District Court in Boston, says Finn, like Kennedy, should be legally slapped for, among other things, claiming Ayyadurai is in the pocket of Big Vaccine, when everybody knows that's where Kennedy is. Ayyadurai also targets Finn's own remarks, such as that she will be praying for Ayyadurai because anybody who "has this much hatred inside needs some prayers." She also called on her followers to stop following Ayyadurai.

Ayyadurai's complaint continues:

Since Finn’s statements were published on April 28, 2020, Dr. Ayyadurai has lost thousands of followers on social media, been subjected to virulent attacks by Ms. Finn and Mr. Kennedy’s supporters, and suffered loss of business, donations for his campaign, and political support.

Ayyadurai's complaint says that should he rightfully win judgment against Finn, he would use the money only for good - to set up "ten integrative health and wellness centers in economically-depressed neighborhoods" in Massachusetts, in which he would show residents why they should reject doctors and their vaccines and instead boost their immune systems through his own "natural medicine," which he said he has been developing since he was 5 and watched his grandmother use a combination of yoga, herbs, minerals, oils, massage, something akin to acupuncture and prayer to ward off illness.

In his complaint, Ayyadurai said he has made his anti-vaxxism the centerpiece of his campaign to win the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat now held by Sen. Edward Markey, although his complaint only mentioned Joseph Kennedy III - Robert Kennedy's nephew - who is also running against Markey, but as a Democrat.

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Autophagia of the Vanities. Love it.


I used to work for this asshat ... ugh he's gross


More, please.


But the nonsense you read about with him is literally 24x7...


But that is an insult to the Doofus community now that I think about it.


already do a face-plant in court with his ridiculous "I invented email" claim? He's like a patent troll, except he never wins anything. He should be brought down by anti-SLAPP statutes as an expensive public nuisance.

Maybe he could start pretending to have invented MySpace, or that he's the third Winklevoss twin.


Rich people with too much time on their hands suing other rich people for control of a complete fantasy world of lies built on narcissism?

That's good for society.


Because he seemed so reasonable and intelligent when he was claiming to have "invented email."

Seriously, how big of a fuckup do you have to be to wind up with your own Wikipedia page, and half of the introductory paragraph consists of detailed refutations of your claims?


And the other half of the paragraph is possibly even his own edits, based on his previous Wikipedia editing exploits.



been subjected to virulent attacks

... virulent, you say?


He's getting nasty emails?

He should sue whoever invented email.


I want that job. This guy is a tortious (and possibly torturous) payday of a client.


of a tortoise.

Download the complaint. He's listed at the bottom.