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Massachusetts feeling a bit better about life in a pandemic, but we still have major concerns, poll says

NBC Boston reports on new poll of Massachusetts residents - we're still not feeling like getting on the T and we're still worried where that next rent or mortgage payment is coming from.

Poll responses.

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Thanks for posting the raw stats. Very detailed info there. Cool.

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This one surprised me.

I.e. what is the biggest problem in MA was the question and racism was the #1 answer. Now, I am not here as a white guy to tell anyone that we don't have a racism problem here or not but given how often there is strong pushback on the idea that there's a lot racism here (See Sox, Red and Russell, Bill), I was surprised how many people chose to identify that as THE biggest problem. I would have guessed most people think racism as a big issue but below 'Unemployment/the economy' and 'Physical/mental health' due to coronavirus. If you live in, IDK, Hudson or Ware, I would think racism would not be top of mind as a big thing.

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I hate to be cynical, but I think a lot of people answered that way because they thought they "should" or for fear of not appearing "woke", or simply because it's on their mind due to all the news. I used to work at a market research company and would see things like that.

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If this poll was done in the last two weeks, I'm sure that topic was "top of mind" for a whole lot of people who might not usually think about such things. The fact that this is the case, suggests the protests are doing their job to make people think about the state of things and how they need to change.

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Of course it is. What could be bigger than not being treated as 100% equal to your fellow citizen?

That's like there being an awesome show and me selling you tickets to it, but saying I'm going to disrespect your daughter on the way in.

Doesn't matter how good the show is, just like it doesn't matter how low the economy is, nothing would make that disrespectful act acceptable.

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Let me try to state this differently - most people (Fish aside) agree racism is a terrible thing. Like say, cannibalism. There's a slight difference between thinking something is a core evil in the world and thinking it's the current top level problem. To extend the analogy, we all know cannibalism is terrible but none of us would consider it to be a problem in the state.

I am surprised people are identifying racism as a bigger problem in MA than covid-19 right now in their day to day lives. I suspect Gary has it right that this to some extent aspirational poll answering vs. gun to you head, which problem would you prefer to disappear tomorrow in your daily life answering the question.

Anyways, would be nice if it was true and this led to real improvements.

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We are so safe that hundreds of citizens are sleeping in our stations and subway trains. You don't have to wear a mask or pay your fare as these are only suggestions not rules.

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Well, on the bright side, anecdotally, I've seen the new trains in use on the Orange Line more often than before the pandemic.

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I don't blame people for not wanting to take the T. I am back to work three days a week and the amount of people on the T not wearing masks, or who having them hanging someone in the vicinity of, but not covering, their nose and mouth is staggering. And those who pull them down to talk on phones. I am trying not to let the sadness I feel at the stupidity (and/or selfishness) of people overtake me. And, by the way, for the amount of people not taking the T, it's still pretty crowded.

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The amount of insensitivity and willful stupidity of people who refuse to wear their masks altogether, or walk around with uncovered noses, or with their masks around their necks is infuriating. I don't go into grocery stores, nor do I take public transportation right now. The amount of people who really don't give a shit about others is just plain disgusting. Most people are good about wearing their masks, but there are enough people who aren't so that it really does present a problem.

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