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MBTA handing out masks as it increases service

WBZ reports on increased service across both bus and train lines, and the resumption of some ferry service, all with the addition of masks, since you're not supposed to get on the T without a facial covering.

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If the T is running the Hingham and Hull ferries again, it should also be possible to start running to Spectacle and Georges islands, using the same fleet of Boston Harbor Cruises boats. A lot of people would welcome the chance to cool off on the harbor islands this summer.

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I think it more has to do with the National Park Service.

I know BHC is resuming ferry service to Ptown so the harbor islands could be possible too.

I'd love to go to the harbor islands for some social distancing..

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When I've been out on the islands, the park rangers I've seen were from the state, not the NPS.

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Whichever it is, it's a park issue, not an MBTA or Boston Harbor Cruises decision.

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The Boston Harbor Islands are managed by the Commonwealth, except for the few that are actually managed by other organizations (thinking City of Boston for Moon and Long Islands, and Thompson Island by Outward Bound.)

They do have a National Recreation Area designation, but there's also a state park designation on several of the islands. It is confusing sometimes.

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The T will hand out masks and people will promptly wear them around their necks, just like I have already seen on the T. Some people just don't get how the mask thing works.

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I just shake my head and say under my breath "this forced mask thing is useless"

Your mask does you no good when its around your mouth (and not your nose) or you lifted it up to smoke a cig or have a sip of your dunks coffee.

Also does you no good when you having it down and you're around 10 other people. This whole conception of 'feeling safe' around people you know will be the biggest cause of future outbreaks. C19 often infects people silently with no symptoms so unless you've been tested recently, your "safe friends" are not so safe.

I wonder why I have not see anyone i know in months... this is why. And this is why I will continue to do so.

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Some people don't get it, true.

And some people have one mask and a bandanna or two, and will welcome not having to wash those after every time they go out.

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There's no excuse.

First off, a light spray with lysol or alcohol spray (I weirdly have some "DEP" brand from Home Depot), hang to air dry overnight should solve that.

No spray. Just hand wash it and let dry overnight.

Many are giving way masks for free, like seen here at the T.

If you can afford it, disposable masks are being sold online for as little as 15 bucks for 50 of the disposable kind. 50 masks should last you at least a week or more.

If disposable is not your thing, the discount store near me sells fabric ones for 3 bucks.

Get enough of them for 7 days a week and you'll be set.

People just do not want to try because it 'inconveniences' them. I mean I get it, I did errands saturday and the paper mask was drenched. I went thru 3 of them. But I care about my health and others, so I wore them anyways.

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Last Wednesday, they had a pallet of 3-ply masks out, 50 for $20. Also had alcohol prep pads.

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We have to wear masks when we're in all the common areas of our building, and I even wear a mask when I'm just out for a walk.

The fact that some people either don't bother to wear masks, or don't bother to keep their mouths and noses covered, is rather disgusting. If these people are old enough to go to college or high school, work, be parents, or to consent to their own medical care or whatever, they're old enough to understand why the rules of wearing masks while out in public and social distancing are in place. All it takes is for a minority of people who really don't give a shit about others and deliberately defy these rules to put everybody else at risk for Covid-19.

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So there's very little difference whether or not the T provides masks. Might as well as save on the labor cost (and reduce the health risk) of having employees stand in the middle of busy stations.

As with many other things in the city and state, this initiative is well-intentioned, but terribly executed.

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Unfortunately I am still recovering from surgeries and cannot ride my bike to work now.
Yesterday’s t debacle forced me to interact with more “service” than I would have liked to.
I would say 75% of t personal we’re without mask or improperly wearing one only as a statement piece.
It would have been nice if they would have handed out masks to their employees and the sardine can they tried to herd me into.
In the end, I got a nice 3 mile walk after a 10 hour shift

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Well done. Mask usage continues to be the real MVP in regards to minimizing Covid spread. Giving people masks at the point of entry is EXACTLY how you normalize the behavior.

Remember those 2 hair stylists in MO who both had COVID and had over a hundred customers? Of the people tested, no new Covid cases were found.

Masks are like the flu shot. Maybe we can't get everyone but the higher the compliance is the safer we all are. And we need to keep in mind that this is a new thing to adjust to. The easier it is and the more society expects it as a norm, the easier it will be to encourage the behavior.


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