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Morrissey Boulevard drivers advised to pack hip waders for the next week

DCR is advising that high tides between Thursday and next Wednesday could force shutdowns of Morrissey Boulevard as Mother Nature reminds us what happens when you literally build roads at sea level.



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Morrisey Boulevard used to flood maybe once or twice a year at high tide and during some storms.

Now it's flooding almost once a month, and during many storms.

Either the Boulevard is sinking, or the sea is rising, or both



We were just driving to Harbor Point last night and I told my husband that Morrissey Blvd always floods as we drove through a huge puddle.


Apparently the first two commenters never heard of global warming and the rising sea levels.

Ah, I believe in global warming and will think that will be under the sea soon.


Actually they have plans (kinda sorta) to rebuild Morrissey so maybe (hopefully) this won't come to be.
Now let's do K Circle!


and it disappears for good.

Global warming affecting the drivers who helped create it. Fitting.


Reread the first 2 comments.

And I don’t understand why, back when it was built, they looked at the map and said yup, building this causeway OVER THE WATER and, as you say, at sea level, makes perfect sense.

we were fools to build it in the first place and we would be fools not to simply let her quietly drown it and reclaim what is hers.

Dorchester doesn't need Morrissey, but then again Morrissey wasn't built for Dorchester now was it?

also we don't need Morrissey the person - no one does - but that's another discussion.


What's different about the tides Thursday through next Wednesday? Is it 'King Tide' season?

It allows me to avoid 93 in the morning on my way to work, maybe we need to set up a go fund me page?

Or maybe they could include some cash in the recently proposed huge development in that area to help?