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No residents injured when tractor trailer slams into Roxbury homes

Remains of a house embedded in a tractor

Remains of a house embedded in the truck.

Live Boston reports that the driver of a tractor trailer slammed into several houses on Hampden Street near Dubois Street in Roxbury around 1 p.m. on Thursday. Boston EMS transported the injured driver to a local hospital, but no residents were hurt in the crash, in which the driver first crashed into a UPS truck before hitting the houses, Live Boston reports.

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It was dressed all in brown, and should have been wearing brighter colors.

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Nothing worse than trucks that don't cross the street "fast enough".

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I’m confused what does this have to do with coronavirus

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Adam is just showing that, even amid the massive worldwide disruptions and anxiety, some things go on business as usual, like the rank incompetence of local idiot drivers

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Driver was from Arkansas

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Took out the nose of a Peterbuilt. Driver is lucky he wasn't decapitated by the strandboard through the windshield.

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Or just take out a stoop?

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No it went through 3 apartments and I've seen it before on the same strip. But this time it went INTO the people's house and after the first time you would think they would protect the residents by putting up those yellow pole things along the sidewalk so this doesn't happen again, it was only God's will that the residents weren't killed OR the truck driver. Maybe that should be a thought when they repair and fix it. Complete a thought since it makes 4 apartments to date on this strip. Really fix it this time.

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