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Northeastern student tests positive for coronavirus

One day after changing its dorm policy and ordering students to leave campus by Tuesday, Northeastern University reports one of its students tested positive for Covid-19:

This student, who has been in isolation since last Thursday, March 12, remains in isolation in an off-campus apartment. The Boston Public Health Commission is carefully reviewing the student’s movements since returning from Spring Break on Monday, March 9. This will allow the BPHC to contact individuals who may have been in direct contact with the infected student. It is very important that the student’s anonymity be maintained.

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BU is still open in the sense that it hasn't kicked students out of their dorms. They really need to take action ASAP.

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No classes is a good idea, but do we really need to send relatively young people who will probably mostly not be seriously affected by the virus, and who may be asymptomatic carriers, on a bunch of flights from a relative hotspot to all corners of the country and world? Better, I would think, to let it spread through out the dorms and keep it there.

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Eat at dining halls and require facilities to clean their buildings, they put the workers at risk. That’s why.

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I went to BU and my son goes there now. I am pretty sure they are keeping the dorms open for two reasons

-Large number of international students
-If they close, they will have to refund all that $$$ (even pro-rated, that's like 7K)

We live not too far so my son has essentially moved home mainly because food service has been cut drastically and since he has an internship and a job in addition to classes, he effective wouldn't be able to eat or have to pay out of pocket. They also are closing the fitness facilities and businesses around there are going to shut or have very limited hours

As great as I think BU is, I feel like this is another money grab - I am going to bet next year they will raise tuition. I am hoping they get shamed into offering a 'credit' for next year - that would be a nice thing to do (eg if you live in and have a meal plan, make the meal plan free for fall)

I'm not holding my breath though - I had to spent hours and chase someone down to reverse a $14 charge to my son's account. Yes, $14.

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So by sending students home they just help spread (asymptomatic) carriers all across the country/world. Brilliant.

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