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'OFD' takes on new meaning when we're talking fresh eggs from Dorchester

The Dorchester Reporter clucks about eggs being laid right in Fields Corner.

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207 million eggs in a single incident.

Scale matters.


No, it’s illegal to have livestock in Boston without a special permit. City can fine them and remove chickens.

.....so maybe they have a permit. Why assume they don't?

and to cluck off.

It's too bad Cambridge bans chickens.

It's not actually written anywhere in the law. Their reasoning: anything not explicitly allowed under zoning is banned, and nobody keeps chickens in Cambridge, so therefore they're banned.

It's a good way to stifle non-mainstream behavior and innovative ideas, things you'd think Cambridge would support. And virtually all
the other cities and towns around here allow chickens, including Boston.

Never mind the chickens that do exist in Cambridgeport. They get an exception since they've been around since before this law was made up.

live with a rooster next door for a week, see how that goes.

Want chickens? Go live in a rural community where they are permitted.

Because they're permitted there, with a special permit.

Okay, first let me tell you about the birds and the bees. We'll get to chickens and roosters later.

I had a turkey last month lay turkey eggs in my yard. Possibly turkey eggs being laid? I live in Lower Mills, not to far from fields corner . It’s possible .