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Old white people on the Everett City Council who hate masks demand black councilor with vulnerable father at home spend four hours breathing in their exhalations or quit

The Globe reports that several white city councilors in Everett, which has one of the state's highest Covid-19 rates, have demanded the councilor quit if she doesn't show up in person at meetings - where several of them refuse to wear masks - rather than Zooming in. She's refused because she lives with her father, who has diabetes, not good should she bring some coronavirus home. The DA is looking into how a section of the meeting at which this came up got deleted from a city server.

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Adam you are old and white too...

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But I don't sit on the Everett City Council, I don't go barefaced in public or insist people sit right next to me in a confined space while I shout for four hours and I'm not trying to oppress young Black women who are worried about Covid-19, so I'm thinking your crack isn't really as witty as you think it is.

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you're killing me................oppressing!!!!!................please, my sides are literally splitting!!!!!

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Can somebody drive you to an ER?

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You killed her adamg! Just like the Everett Council wants to kill Councilor Adrien's Father. That will teach that young whippersnapper. /s

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No words.

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Continues to hold its meetings and hearings via Zoom. Last Wednesday's council meeting, for proof.

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where Jessica Giannino and the City Council there are so determined to keep woman of color Dimple Rana out of city government.

Ms. Giannino will become the State Rep for Revere, Chelsea and Saugus Tuesday but plans on keeping her Council seat also until next election so she can not only double dip salaries, but keep Ms. Rana off the Council. As she would have gotten a seat if Ms. Giannino stepped down to focus on being Bobby DeLeo’s thrall in the House. That’s the Emily’s List endorsed candidate Giannino, given to women who empower other women to seek office.

Only in Revere, kids!

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Just curious Adam what the color of either parties skin has to do with anything.

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Just curious, anon, if you actually read the story the original post links to.

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“She’s been disrespectful to me since Day One,” Council President Rosa DiFlorio told the Globe in June. “She has no respect for seniors or white people.”

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Also from the Globe:

DiFlorio, the council president, said she tried to give the new councilor a chance but found Adrien to be always “on the attack.”

“She started in January right out the gate and nothing is ever enough,” said DiFlorio. “If you disagree with her, she goes on Facebook and calls you racist. I’m far from racist.”

Even some of those inclined to root for Adrien privately disagree with her approach, finding it unnecessarily confrontational. They say she alienates city officials by calling them out publicly and won’t collaborate on efforts she can’t lead.

As a case in point, they cite her insistence that council create its own committee on racism; she hoped to chair it. Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. had just empaneled a similar, citywide advisory board made up entirely of people of color. In fact, Adrien is on it. But when that board met on Tuesday, Adrien didn’t show up. Adrien said she didn’t get the notice, released just two hours earlier. She also fears that an advisory board is toothless and that its mandate to make recommendations in 120 days hardly gives enough time to stamp out systemic racism.

In other words, this doesn't sound like a simple case of "racists don't want black person around". Instead, it sounds like Everett elected someone who doesn't have strong team skills and has a poor temperament. The situation devolved from there.

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I don't know... My guess is if someone hates the new black city councillor they aren't going to blame it on the race, they're going to say things like "she isn't a team player".

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When multiple people one side of a spat claim one truth, and one person on the other side claims another truth, then it's more likely the one-person side is in the wrong. They're the lowest common denominator.

You can hypothesize that the Everett mayor and all the councilors are all secretly Klansmen, but it's a big stretch. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

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When an established group of white people have it out for one of the few people of color who has managed to break in to their group, and the person of color's lived experience tells them it feels like times they've experienced racism rather than times they haven't been a good fit in a group, we should listen to the person of color and believe their experience.

And quit with your "secretly klansmen" hyperbole. Racism is alive and well in 2020 Massachusetts. It's perpetuated by beliefs like yours.

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Especially when the white people are trying to get rid of the person of color for totally reasonable behavior like not wanting to attend an in person meeting with maskless attendees during a pandemic!

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The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Given that this is a group of people who are trying to force someone to needlessly attend in-person meetings where they don't wear masks, might I suggest that the simplest explanation is "they're a bunch of idiots"?

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What I gather from the story is that one of the other councilors lost their cool and started the no-more-Zoom rant, which another councilor privately called them out about.

Based on all the reporting, the conflicts on the committee were driven not by race/racism but by personalities and emotions. A councilor grew annoyed with the antics of another councilor over the course of a year, culminating in this rant over Zoom and social distancing, which made the news.

There's a great tendency on U-hub to reinforce the 'Trumpland' narrative, where the world is divided into enlightened liberals and a Nazi racist Republican conspirators. This is unfortunate, because it blinds people to possibilities that everyone can be both well meaning, and act like jerks.

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...the conflicts on the committee were driven not by race...

Councilor Rosa DiFlorio disagrees with you. I mean you replied to this very quote above. Does DiFlorio not seem credible?

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From the article:

Adrien further irritated some of the other councilors by saying she had not seen a document because it had not been e-mailed to her as requested; DiFlorio asserted that councilors' packets are dropped off at their houses and that scanning documents would cost money. Adrien offered to teach city staff how to scan documents. DiFlorio, who could see Adrien online, but still could not hear her, deemed her “out of control,” according to the Independent.

LOL what?

So the councilor who claimed that Adrien “has no respect for seniors or white people” while not citing examples of disrespect to seniors/whites also can’t get required documents to other council members and thinks that scanning documents costs money. DiFlorio sounds like such a wonderful team player and not petty at all.

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Says the person who says Adrien doesn't have any respect for white people.

Enough said.

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“I’m not racist, she’s uppity.”

I mean we all see that “shows no respect for white people” is just another way of DiFlorio trying to delegitimize Adrien as uppity without using the term uppity, right?

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Why do people promoting colorblind racism always say "skin color" instead of "race"? It's hilariously predictable. At least it lets us quickly identify them rather than wasting time on them.

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does not exist. Race is a social construct developed in the 17th century for the purpose of categorizing human beings into superior and inferior groups. The people creating the categories? Northern Europeans who had social and economic interests in creating these false categories and of course putting themselves at the top. Trump, albeit an idiot and mentally depraved man, would have fit in with that mentality. Heck, he does fit that mentality.

The hatred that is represented by the word racism derives in part for our human tendency to see the other as bad but. But the concept also devolves from the fake science of race.

Examples of the absurdity of race: In Louisiana until 1970 anyone who could be defined as1/32 (grand parents of several generations back) was black. No matter how pasty white their skin color.

Jews continue to be considered a race.

A funny albeit still absurd belief deriving from the fake theory race: All black men are well endowed. All Asian men are poorly endowed (would anyone with experience like to respond?)

This is not just stereotyping. This is racial characteristics.

If races were real then we should have a term for the race of tall people and a term for the race of short people.

African-American as a racial group? North African Arabs, South African whites are by definition African-American. There is a ,assive continent of people whose only commonality is that their skin tends to be darker than northern Europeans along with a few other external attributes..

The false science of human races gives false scientific justification to people who insist on categorizing human beings into these categories called race.

There is only one human race.

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The person who argued that it was justified for white people to call Clarence Thomas “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” is going to give us a Freshman Sociology Seminar essay on the construct of race?

Thanks, but I there is ample evidence to suggest Eeka has already done the assigned reading on this topic.

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Yes, I have always believed that "Uncle Tom" is appropriate for Clarence Thomas, dating back to when he swore nearly on a Bible that Anita Hill was a liar. Oreo is an equally valid term. Especially when you try to comprehend racism through the lens of an American caste system.

Your ad hominen has no bearing upon understanding the concept of race except for possibly trying to avoid the dealing with the bogus science of human races. Let me suggest that you take a course in formal logic where you would learn about fallacious argumentation of the sort that Trumpsters use all the time. Can't discount the message? Then discount the messenger.

Thanks for providing a good example of how truly evil people can win: By people who want to be good attacking each other. The sad thing is that we agree on far more than disagree.

If you disagree with these thoughts (which I learned from far smarter people) then address the ideas, don't attack the person. Leave the personal attacks to Trumpers.

As for when the fallacy of race was taught - not when I was a Freshman. Now if that fallacy is taught today then there is all the more reason to push past the fake science and try to understand how the US turned into a society where hatred based on what is tantamount to reasons that are literally skin deep is part of the cultural DNA.

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While I agree that there is only one "race", we have this social construct called race that very much defines what is happening to Councillor Adrien. Stop trying to use biology to get out of facing bias and prejudice. You might as well just say you're colorblind, which is also a bs term to not face that you may be treating people by how they look versus what they are doing.

Councillor Adrien was elected fairly and it is horrible that her fellow councillors (several of which are old and susceptible to COVID) are choosing to try and bully her into showing up in person when she has reasonable convictions that showing up in person would put herself and members of her family in danger. And having seen three people I know die of COVID, I know it's a horrible way to go. Shame on the Everett City Committee for these actions and I hope those five members calling on Councillor Adrien's resignation either step down or are voted out, because they are the reason Everett is failing and sliding back into the red zone for COVID infections.

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No different than people who can't afford a car and have to take the train every day to feed their family only to be subject to obnoxious people not wearing masks and yapping away. Nothing is enforced.

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There are people who can afford a car who would prefer not to have one, fyi.

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Classic Everett bullshit. Remember the school superintendent who held his job for years after he got caught 1) gutting special education funds for Homecoming and 2) buying stuff on the city's dime and having city workers install it in his private house, paint a friend's apartments, etc?

Oh, but they had bumper stickers saying Everett's Shitthole Schools are Everett's PRIDE as a response. Ugh.

Yeah, that. We all know what they are afraid of - reality, democracy, etc. I hope they all go to jail for this.

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yerlene was on radio concorde on thursday nite (they host an english language dialog).

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