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Pedestrian seriously injured in crash on the Arborway in Jamaica Plain

State Police report a pedestrian suffered serious injuries in a crash with a vehicle around 8 p.m. on the Arborway northbound between Custer Street and the rotary.

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That stretch is always dark and people have no chance if cars are speeding around that curve from either direction, especially by that speedway rotary, too car centric n not conducive to pedestrians or bikers.

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Why redesign a road to be safer, when it's so much easier to slap up a "Safety Zone Speed Limit 20" sign and call it a day?

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Just ZERO enforcement by BPD - right by the entrance for the Arboretum where children and strollers are dime a dozen.

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The Globe reports a skateboarder was hit at that time.

A teenage skateboarder was rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital Wednesday evening with serious injuries after being struck by a car in Jamaica Plain, according to the Massachusetts State Police.

The collision happened at 7:17 p.m. near 170 Arborway, State Police spokesman David Procopio said in a statement. The teen was riding in the dark at the time of the crash.

The road was closed for the investigation and traffic is being redirected to the inner roads of the Arborway to cause minimal delays, Procopio said.

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Aren't they both the Arborway (which is dumb)?

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the carriage road pedestrian crossing or "little Arborway" as I think of it.

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