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The planets aligned over Roslindale

Saturn approaches Jupiter

Ed Grzyb reports the clouds cleared just long enough for him to get a view of Saturn and Jupiter this evening from near Sacred Heart Church in Roslindale.

Jupiter, Saturn and Sacred Heart



More like the second picture with the naked eye. :)

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Wow, I am amazed, what device was used to take that first picture?

I was walking the dog when I noticed people coming outside to see the conjunction, I had forgotten. The planets appeared like the second picture. When I got home, I used binoculars to take another look, quite cool. The sky clouded up quickly, but I am glad I was there to enjoy this once in 800 years alignment.

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I have that very same scope, but never have done any photography with it.

Nice little scope. Very portable. Requires counter-weights when using heavier eyepieces, though.

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I had to have a large stone holding down the other side. My camera is heavy in the eye piece and it would have tipped over otherwise. I had to support the front too so it wouldn't shake.

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