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Police had to don respirators to go after a man with a gun in an Allston house he shared with somebody in quarantine

Live Boston reports that around 10:20 p.m. on Friday, Boston police officers responded to Empire Street, behind the Speedway gas station, on a report of a man barricading himself in a house with a gun.

SWAT officers and hostage negotiators were able to get the man out without any incident after about an hour - but officers had to put on N95 respirators because a person in the house was self-quarantining after contact with somebody who might have Covid-19



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Hi Blessing,
Was he barricading himself in his own home?

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And fill them with guys like this for a long time.

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Because police, courts and jails are doing such a wonderful job of treating mentally ill people.


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I know who the guy is. Not who you think he might be.

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Duly noted.

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Well, I live here and there were about 25 cop cars, staties, EMA and detectives that blocked off Hooker St to Cambridge St., Lined up on both sides of 2 streets. And guess what officers, just b/c you can't see US, doesn't mean we can't see YOU taking photos in his room of each OTHER in selfies with whatever he had there. He called his boss drunk as fuck yesterday MORNING. So yeah, dude was on a bender. He lives there with older relatives in the home. Not same apt tho. But yeah, from the gas station, we could clearly see the cops taking selfies of each other IN his room. That door was barricaded HARD cuz all we hear was boom boom boom for like 20min as they tried to break it down. Officers grouped together more than 10 deep in pockets all around.

But yeah, other than that, super nice guy, never had a problem with him.

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I didn't see any information that this
person has a diagnosed mental illness. Citation, please.

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Care to share the answer or you just going to keep it all to yourself?

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shouldn't have de-instutionalized the seriously mentally ill and closed the asylums. The homeless problem who drastically improve if we changed course.

Police aren't responsible for mentally ill people causing problems. They just happen to be on the front line.

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