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Postal box with burned mail found about a block down Boylston from flamed ballot drop box

Boston Police report a postal worker found "mail that had been damaged by fire" in a postal box outside the Copley Square CVS this afternoon - on the other side of Dartmouth and Boylston streets from the ballot drop box that somebody set on fire early Sunday.

The mailbox was last emptied around 4:00pm on Saturday, October 24, 2020, with no signs of damage. The charred mail was discovered by the mail carrier during a 4:00pm pick up today. United States Postal Inspector took custody of both the damaged mail and the mailbox.

A local man was arrested last night on charges he set fire to the ballot drop box outside the Copley Square library early Sunday.


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Chances are our early and absentee ballots won't even be counted so the push for early voting (which has energized the Democratic base) will actually be part of the reason Trump wins again.

A bankruptcy collecting, Reality TV serial rapist has now placed 3 extremist Justices on SCOTUS.

The Dominionist Handmaiden and Beer Kavanaugh are the latest who are itching to provide the "Quo" to Trumps "Quid" and set women's rights back 40 years.

My bet is our votes will be counted up until Trümp's Victory Tweet at around 12:10AM. Then the courts will step in and support his decree so he can finally take his Benzos and go to bed.

I'm too old to fight for this place anymore and frankly don't even know if it's worth fighting for. We tried and failed.

Now it's up to the kids to rise up and either save the Republic, secede from the Union and join Canada, or just burn it all to the ground entirely.

So grab some cash out of the bank, make sure you have your prescriptions for the month and buckle up for a wild week.

Because "America : The Finale" is about to begin.

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But there's an obvious hypothesis.

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