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Scourge of sandwich-board signs rears ugly head on Beacon Hill once more

The Beacon Hill Times reports the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission has been identifying businesses putting free-standing signs on sidewalks and having a little chat with them to make them remove them.



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Looking forward to the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission and Beacon Hill Civic Association cracking down on those unsightly motor vehicles that've littered the neighborhood.

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An easy solution for business owners - just paint whatever you were going to paint on a sign on the side of your car instead and all of sudden it becomes ok to take up public land with your private advertising.

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You do understand that busy narrow sidewalks that are cluttered with sandwich boards create diificulties for people in wheelchairs, right? Or do you only have a single myopic focus? Get your flu shot!

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And I'm very much advocate for improving pedestrians spaces in the city, especially for those with mobility limitations.

Which speaks to the real issue here, heming and hawing over the cluttering of a sidewalk under the guise of historical preservation, when the real issue is how narrow those sidewalks have been squeezed to accommodate car storage, which is wicked historical amirite?

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Charles Street clearly needs wider sidewalks. The sandwich boards would be much less of a problem if there were actually enough room for people to walk comfortably.

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ADA/MAAB violation too. Try getting down those sidewalks with a mobility device.

Then again this is the kettle of pampered pearl clutchers that protested 'unsightly' accessible crosswalk ramps.

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Thats fair on the freestanding signs, but they should really allow exterior wall signs then.

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There is ZERO reason for Charles Street to have three lanes of traffic, also.

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....getting popcorn.....

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When a sandwich board is blocking a sidewalk I put it in a parking spot. Drivers take up way too much space so they can deal with an obstruction for once. Pedestrians deal with them every block.

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that we definitely don't need

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I hate A frame sidewalk signs. They're simply in the way for me -- but if you're not able bodied, they can be a royal PITA.

Wheelchair? Rolling around or go on the street or whatever, fuck you.
Visually impaired? Fuck you, trip on them.

Of course, were it up to me, every red brick sidewalk would be replaced in the 2020 construction season state-wide. Sure, they're pretty. So are cobblestones. We got rid of cobblestones because they're lousy to drive on. Red bricks are lousy to walk on compared to concrete. But I digress.

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There is no reason Charles St needs to be 3 lanes wide plus parking on both sides. Chop it down to 2 narrower lanes, shift the parking in, perhaps eliminate a bit for bump outs / seating / cafe spaces, and then you’ll have all the room for signs you want and it will be much more walkable and enjoyable for pedestrians.

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