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Second Bostonian dies from coronavirus; mayor hires retired Army general to oversee city response

Mayor Walsh announced the death this afternoon; did not provide further details.

"There is no reason to hoard or panic buy," he said at a press conference. The food supply chain remains strong, he said, adding that, in particular, stop lugging all those water bottles home, because your drinking water is safe.

Walsh said he has hired retired Army general Stanley McChrystal to coordinate city Covid-19 efforts. One of the things McChrystal Group will look at is planing out a system for delivering food to homes should that be necessary.

The mayor continued that some 16 homeless people were housed in a city tent set up for people with possible symptoms over the weekend. To date, no homeless people have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Also, keep up the social distancing, even when you're picking up food at a restaurant, Walsh said.

Walsh said that people running into financial difficulties should talk to their banks about possible restructuring on outstanding mortgages and loans. "It's important to reach out to your banks," he said. He particularly urged landlords to do this so that they can help their tenants stay in their homes.

He said one Boston EMT and one police officer have tested positive for Covid-19 and that four other EMTs are now quarantined.

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There should be a stupidity tax on bottled water, now more than ever.

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People buy bottles water for lots of reasons. Distilled water for medical equipment etc.

I bought some last week because the water in my building was shut off for a repair

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I don’t think the hoarding hordes should be discouraged from buying bottled water. It makes less room in the trunk for stuff that is actually useful to others, like toilet paper.

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And toilet paper.

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No homeless people diagnosed.
Regular flu I guess.

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... that can be blamed on the poor. Homeless people don’t work for Biogen or fly much.

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“What’s the White House’s response to critics who say that, because of his role in the cover-up of how Pat Tillman actually died and the pain that he caused to the family of Pat Tillman, that Gen. McChrystal should not be on any sort of advisory committee having to do with military families?” -- Jake Tapper's question to Obama spokesman

Is Gen. McChrystal's food delivery going to compete with Uber Eats and Tony's Pizza or has private delivery been banned? What a farce. McChrystal and his coverups should fit right in with Walsh's crowd. Did they announce the salary yet? Trump promised to reimburse cities and towns for "emergency" spending so Marty races out to hire one of Trump's Chief critics to oversee...food delivery. It didn't take long for City Hall to abuse the blank check. They'll be laughing about it at the Democrat National Convention open bars this summer.

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Damn, I guess you get even more incoherent and cranky than usual when the bingo at the Hibernians gets shut down. Settle down, old-timer, we got a ways to go.

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lost him his command post in Afghanistan and led to his resignation and retirement from the Army. He's an equal-opportunity iconoclast.

The Tillman incident was horrible, but as military brass cover-ups go, trying to pretend a friendly-fire death was prosecuted by hostiles ain't exactly on par with pinning the horrors of Abu Ghraib on a few unlucky grunts.

At least he didn't duck his military service, and he can't possibly be more clueless about epidemiology or as utterly, lethally incompetent on every single other issue of pandemic response as, oh, some of our leaders.

Who knows? He might just think about the coronavirus not entirely in terms of how it might affect him personally.

Why do you hate our decorated veterans?

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to begin deliveries in MRAPs and Blackhawks?
I'd feel more confident if they were planning a military takeover of the T.
And how does Marty square this hire with Joe Biden? I mean Joe probably doesn't remember McChrystal's name never mind his cracks about the Veep but someone will.
Strange days

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