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Six-story residential building proposed for Bennington and Bremen streets in East Boston

Downtown-based Redgate has proposed to refashion a 1.2-acre lot at 355 Bennington St. in East Boston into a six-story building with roughly 190 residential units and ground-floor commercial space.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, Redgate's attorneys say the company will file more detailed plans within 30 days for the property, which now has a single-story building and a parking lot.

355 Bennington St. letter of intent (25k PDF).

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Can't imagine trying to walk across Neptune Road to get to Wood Island station during rush hour. Cars routinely blow pass the red light to the ramp leading to the airport & the Ted and Sumner tunnels. Also, first exit out of the Ted tunnel eastbound.

Flight path . 6 stories , it will never happen ...


The flight path restriction is 75-100' (depending on which side of the line it's actually on) so this building should be at least a story under the line. http://www.massport.com/media/1545/boston-logan-airspace-map.pdf

Way back in the 1960s, that mysterious, long, trailer-like building on that lot (referred to in the letter of intent as a "single story commercial building") was a diner known as Georgie Porgie's. I went there as a child. In the early 2000s it was briefly an office of ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens), but I never saw anybody in it ever during that time. It has generally been empty and overgrown for years. I don't have a clue who owns it.


According to City of Boston Assessing (https://www.cityofboston.gov/assessing/search/?pid=0104196100) it is 413-419 Bremen Street, LLC.

Based on their Mass.Business Entity Summary (http://corp.sec.state.ma.us/CorpWeb/CorpSearch/CorpSummary.aspx?sysvalue...), it looks like the company is run by Michael Merullo, Joseph Ricupero, and Joseph Ricupero, Jr.

How many 6 story buildings are there in Day Sq or nearby. The only tallest building is the Jeveli’s building .

is Joseph Ricupero of Capitol Waste. Google him.

Good for upwardly mobile singletons with bikes and no kids. Another missed opportunity for lower income working class families however.

If upwardly mobile singletons with bikes and no kids have an alternative to shacking up with roommates in old, multi-bedroom housing, that's good for lower-income working class families who couldn't afford to rent a brand new multi-bedroom apartment anyway.

Great location for a TonyC’s restaurant or something similar

People who live and work in cities have children: mind blown?