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South End veterans memorial vandalized the day before Memorial Day

Kurt Power reports stone pillars were pushed over and some plaques removed at the Puerto Rican Veterans Memorial on Washington Street.

Update: Mayor Walsh reports that damage has been fixed:

Our veterans are heroes that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I’m disgusted by the act of vandalism at the Puerto Rican Veterans Memorial.

Thank you to the Boston Parks Department and Property Management for quickly coming together to resolve this horrific act.




Sad to say, but our Veterans Memorials throughout should be vigilantly monitored, especially this weekend. Only cowards who have no respect and nothing but ignorance about what our Veterans experienced, especial in combat trying to protect our freedom would want to vandalize these memorials. It has nothing to do with being mad at your government. Please respect the Veterans and be thankful for them.

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This hate crime is dispicable but it's no surprise that these acts continue given the secrecy provided to those arrested for similar crimes in the past. Recall at this very same time last year, a swastika, destroyed plantings and uprooted flags greeted caretakers at the UMass Vietnam Memorial. This led the news cycle last Memorial Day weekend and a quick arrest was made. We were told that the 33 year-old Dorchester man arrested was already wanted on a felony arrest warrant in an earlier case. In a highly unusual move, the authorities refused to release the name of this person and referred him to a psychiatric hospital before arraignment. Not another word was heard.

Given the fact pattern and three mile proximity, is the UMass suspect a person of interest in this case? Who's is he and who is he related to? If government is going to provide the favor of anonymity to those who destroy memorials, is it any wonder such acts persist?

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MO is an important part of the investigation into multiple incidents and that the Dorchester incident, which involved seemingly nonsensical graffiti in addition to swastikas, has absolutely nothing in common with today's incident, which involved knocking down some stone markers and stealing some plaques.

And as an inveterate UHub reader, you know why State Police didn't release the Dorchester suspect's name. For folks just tuning in, or who don't carefully scrutinize every single UHub post to find a way to bemoan the Current Collapse of Western Civilization, it's because the suspect was judged to have mental problems, which required treatment, not incarceration and a scarlet letter.

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The suspect was judged to have mental problems, which required treatment, not incarceration and a scarlet letter.

False. That's the whole point, no judge, the courts were closed on a holiday weekend. The FELONY suspect was given special treatment not available to others. Who is he? Mental health advocates are brought into the police academy, usually toward the end, urging police not to coddle the mentally ill with leniency on criminal charges. Often, it is the consequences of those charges that get the mentally ill person into the court system where only a judge can order treatment. As for the coverup, many people who get arrested suffer from mental illness and are not afforded anonymity for their crimes. In fact, statistics show that some of those who earned their Scarlet Letter on UHub probably had mental illness but we still learned their names here, even the innocent, etc.

Compare the 2019 Memorial Day weekend attack on a veteran's memorial with graffiti, flags and plantings pulled down vs. 2020 Memorial Day weekend attack on a veteran's memorial where markers and plaques were knocked down a few miles away. Right, no similarities. I'm not saying it was him both times but the coverup in 2019 means we'll never know. Who's nephew is he?

ps--Thanks Don't Panic and the many earlier likes, I'm glad others are curious too. No idea if it went to trial or even arraignment as the the story vanished, no followup.

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Where's the lie?

You seem to be taking issue with the word "judged."

judged verb

1. to give an opinion about (something at issue or in dispute)

the committee will judge the case solely on the evidence

3. to form an opinion or reach a conclusion through reasoning and information

I judge that the girl has had a troubled relationship with her mother


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...that just about every MBTA pervert that's busted is a little crazy, yet every one of them featured here has a mug shot.

Oh, the previous '... involved seemingly nonsensical graffiti in addition to swastikas...' seems to have evolved a bit since the story from last year. Last year it was '... hate-related graffiti – including a swastika – were written on the stone monuments.'

The FAE from last year might be the Free American Empire (according to a commenter in the prior thread) The FAE is the Confederacy, evolved. (from an online video game.)

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Lots of suspects are summonsed the past two months even for felonies like this one. I assume these are all still public record reports, and the court charges would be public as well. I'm guessing they sectioned him and summoned him in for the felonies and its possible the report and compliant wasn't even finished due to the long weekend.

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That's the first person I thought of as well @O-Fish-L. Has he even gone to trial yet?

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He only raises questions about things not really related to whatever the story is about. I guess you could say Fish is a Red Herring.

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Yes. Yes he does. He is raising valid, relevant questions about two crimes that bear more than a passing similarity.
So, tell me, if a guy in Brighton gets busted girdling trees, then a month later a tree is found girdled, should you consider the possibility that it's the same guy?

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Turn yourself in because you don't want Kurt and the gang unit to hunt you down.

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