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South Shore Plaza locked down after 15-year-old shot; two suspects arrested

Braintree Police report the teen was shot around 4:40 p.m.; she is expected to survive.

Police say two suspects were taken into custody. NBC Boston reports the two men were shooting at each other as part of an argument that spiraled into gunfire between two groups of about six to seven men each.

Police locked the mall down - people in stores were told to stay there. Residents of surrounding neighborhoods were told to shelter in place.

Police believe this was a targeted shooting and not an active shooter situation at the mall today.

Both orders have since been lifted.

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If I found myself inside the Nordstrom at South Shore Plaza I would run out screaming as well

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No reason for this snark - Nordstrom is a great store.

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More a mall comment than a Nordstrom comment, but good for you...

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Watching live coverage. Lots of shoppers, almost all of them wearing masks. Lots of police, none of them wearing masks.

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Is it possible to even get a description of the suspect when everyone has a mask on? I think reopening has a whole new set of issues on the horizon with this type of gang violence and public beefing.

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That’s the most 2020 comment of the day. Congratulations

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When you want everyone to think your job is dangerous, making it more dangerous makes sense.


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Somerville (4) last night, Braintree tonight. Sad to see the shootings spreading into suburbia even before we enter Phase III.

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Do you have a point?

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I don't know if I'd classify the Mystic Ave. projects as a "suburban" environment

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