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Starting Sunday, it's masks on in Salem stores

The Salem Board of Health is requiring people going into stores, or even just going to get some takeout, to wear face coverings starting on Sunday. And that goes for the people who work in the stores or restaurants as well. Also: Ice-cream trucks are banned. And:

Any resident or member of the general public entering or exiting a residential or commercial building complex of greater than one (1) unit must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while in common areas and communal spaces and must exercise social distancing in these spaces in accordance with CDC guidelines.

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And latex gloves whenever I go to the supermarket.
I dont know how much h its protecting me but it's better than nothing.
Stay safe people.

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It's probably not protecting you much, unless you have training in how to wear one, but it might be protecting those around you if you're an asymptomatic carrier, so keep it up.

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Not just on Halloween?

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What if you're shopping for a mask? Or are you up the creek if you need one?

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