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State orders casinos to shut

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission today ordered the state's three gambling establishments to shut effective tomorrow morning.

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The house always wins. Except when it can't.

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but better late than never. Does this mean the casino-attached hotels have to suddenly empty out too?

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Encore and MGM should close the attached hotels.

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We're going to take you to court.

State: You can't take us to court over this.

Casinos: Why not?

State: Because the courts are closed

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Aside from a few fun seekers with defined budgets, Casinos are by definition filled with people who are lousy judges of statistical risk.

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You get lucky.

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knowing gamblers very well, i can say there will be a boom in illegal gambling halls. Nothing not even the plague will keep a gambler away from the action.

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Foxwoods is still open. They said they don’t have to follow the State rules. Okaaaaay.

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