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Stephan Ross, Holocaust survivor and Boston street worker, dies

The Globe reports the death of Stephan Ross, who survived ten Nazi labor and death camps, led the drive to build the Holocaust Memorial in Boston and watched his son become a Boston city councilor.

Jed Hresko remembers another side of Ross - his work in creating a corps of Boston street workers who tried to damp down violence and get kids on the right path in the city:

I went to his "retirement" party around 1997 or 98 (retirement in quotes because he continued to maintain a desk in the Streetworker office well after) and there was a long line of testimony by adult public servants who remembered Steve coming to scoop them up in the yellow school bus at places like Columbia Point in their youth and how he steered them right.



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May his memory be a blessing.

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I will remember Mr Ross for how powerfully and inspirational he shared his story in his book, From Broken Glass—I will never forget that read or the man who wrote it

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If there is one thing that gets me, it's the whole idea of denying that the Holocaust happened. I mean, it did. There were witnesses. Heck, they even put many of those responsible on trial, so there is evidence from a court of law. But no, there are still crackpots out there who claim it didn't happen.

My fear is that when the final survivor finally passes on (which is an inevitability of life,) there will be that one less weapon to use against the insanity that will sadly never die.

Stephan Ross was a lot more than a Holocaust survivor, and even without that he lead an eventful life. It is good that he kept the memory alive.

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