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Stop flushing all those wipes down the toilet, like right this second

The Quincy Department of Public Works implores you to throw them in the trash, not in the toilet, because even the "flushable" ones really aren't and the last thing you'd want at a time like this is the embarrassment of having to explain to a plumber why your pipes are clogged - or being the wipe that broke the camel's back and completely jammed up a nearby sewer main.

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Once the plumber gives you that $600 bill for unclogging your sewer pipe full of wipes, thats $600 you are never getting back. Don't ever experience this embarrassing and pricey life lesson!

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Our town / DPW also has been sending out the same message.

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This has happened in the apartment building I live in. Screws up plumbing for other apartment units whose bathrooms are on the same stack.

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