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Task force calls for new oversight of BPD officers, including subpoena power

WBUR reports on today's release of recommendations from a task force looking at reforming Boston Police.

Complete report.



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Great! Let's start with Universal Hub commenters who pretend to be cops.


The numbers don’t lie. The organization disciplines officers, and the arbitrators and/or civil service Commission reverse the decision. Appointing a civilian board will do nothing unless the contracts/civil service laws are changed.

subpoena power over the Police commissioner. Through the BPD Commissioner they may request any records and testimony. Do your job.


He tried to grandstand with a subpoena to Commissioner Evans and he got run right out of office next election.

to ask that question. Have you ever registered a deed? It's exhausting.

What??? The city council do its job???


It starts out by acknowledging that it's impossible to come up with strong, point-by-point guidance in the time period they were given, but then lays out some really strong and clear guidelines that would solve most of the department's structural problems. Some of the recommendations are common-sense (have the department hire more local people by giving BPS graduates the same preference as veterans), some of them are significant but fair (everyone has a body camera on and running all the time, or faces real discipline for it), and some are eye-opening (whatever they learned about Internal Affairs, they sure don't seem to trust it), but they make up a really good blueprint for creating a police department that believes in community policing.

They also require that officers face consequences when they do illegal shit, which means this report will be completely ignored.

How about the Task Force set the example for openness and make all their documentation available to the public?

a special committee to review the committee that reviews the task force and a neighborhood liasion to contact the committee on committees to cut through the red tape that the blue ribbon committee on... what was the question?