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Their last sunrise in Brighton?

At the Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Henry Wong captured some Boston College students watching the sunrise at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir on their unexpectedly early move-out day.




People seem to be taking the view that the virus spread isn't starting until Monday. This is foolish. People are also taking the view that those under 60 will be fine, which is also foolish, particularly if hospitals run low on ventilators and other supplies.

Everyone needs to practice social distancing now. As a society, we should have started a week(s) ago.

This isn't like a hurricane where you have a few days before the storm hits to prepare.

People shouldn't panic but they also shouldn't be gathering in groups "one last time" before Monday.

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The Big Chill... circa 2045...

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They likely sleep in two 150 square foot rooms until they can leave. Kind of makes it moot.

Being outside helps, too, due to air flow dynamics.

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The most isolation people can do, the better. At least until MA gets up to speed on testing.

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Hey I feel some sympathy. Seeing the number of thumbs bothers me. I get what you mean. All logic and reason says you are right. They shouldn't gather together in these groups. We all need to do our part in distancing ourselves for the sake of everyone.

But it doesn't mean I don't feel some sympathy. I'm not that young anymore but I still remember: Being seniors with a crew of friends. Personally, I probably hold it even closer to me as I didn't exactly enjoyed large parts of my years before in regards to having crews of friends. So attaining that in college was special to me. It was hard seeing the friends one come to built scatter to winds. But at least we had that "process". The graduations, the trips, and just more time with foreknowledge when it will run out. But these students get that all yanked under their feet.

And yeah, the people in this photo might not be like that at all. I'm probably reading too much into a pretty photo with a golden glare. It's not really "their last sunrise in Brighton". Maybe they not even that good of friends to each other. Not to mention life does goes on. Friends get to reunite. New friends are made too.

But it also remain true, regardless of the true context nor the bigger picture of life, I do know it is playing out this way for a lot of the current students. I even know of one friend that is a senior in college and that is what is happening. So, while I get what you mean. But it doesn't change I feel some sympathy.

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I have a college senior and suddenly it is Game Over. Their regular everyday folks are suddenly scattered across the landscape rather than grabbing pizza at 1am or ordering cookies for study sessions. Boom ... Forever.

Also difficult: as their hometown crew filters in for the lockdown, they are faced with NOT getting together ... how long to wait before getting together ... outside okay? Do you avoid some people from hard hit regions or those who took planes but not others. Whose parents will even allow people over? And what is this "distance learning" when you only had six weeks of class left ever? Will there be graduation?

Some don't even have a place to go to as their parents moved to smaller quarters already, or they come from a tricky situation. They may not even get their money back for the last two months of room and board.

And anyone who says that they have a clue about how to navigate all this mess or that it can't possibly be all that hard is a lying fool/idiot. There is no road map on the other side of the trapdoor.

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has seen the onset of complete neoliberal dementia that passes for adult life in this country and they have no recourse but too connect to each other--unlike their elders, they can actually feel what they are living through, and, while this disastrous virus is nobody's fault, it is totally in keeping with so many of the other economic and social disasters that the so-called boomer 'adults' want to take the fingers-crossed approach to resolving reminds me of the fucking final scene from Melancholia

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Nonetheless, it's certainly a good day for Smashing Pumpkins' "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness"

Oh, Billy Corgan, you handsome SOB that dreams are made of ...

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its gonna be a long couple weeks.

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