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There weren't any perverts in white vans kidnapping little kids and State Police say there aren't any robbers in white vans doing bogus house-to-house 'coronavirus checks'

State Police report people should knock it off with the latest white-van rumors about people in hazmat suits getting out of a white van and going door to door asking to be let in to "check every house for coronavirus" and pretending to take your vitals while actually robbing you:

We do not know the source of this. State Police are not going around house to house. If someone does come to your home making these claims call 911 to report the incident.

In response to somebody who asked which part of the state the reports have been coming from, State Police responded:

[W]e have no reports of an actual incident. This has been posted on Facebook so we are addressing the post.

Police, mayor: No outbreak of child-abducting perverts driving around Boston in white vans.

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I feel like a good “zazmat” suit should protect like a hazmat suit and still really *stroll*like a zoot suit. Still, thanks for the heads-up on the non-threat Adam!

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Fixed, thanks!

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Plague-year fashion alert! I always feel totally zazzed when I'm strollin' in my zazmat suit!

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you have to worry about in white vans. it's evil-looking clowns, then you are in trouble

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I wish I had proof that I saw it, but in Raynham this morning around 9am I saw a white sprinter van with COVID-19 Response written on the side of it in a driveway near my house. I thought it was weird and when I drove back by at 9:45am there were 2 cruisers there now. I didn't even know about this story until I came home and told my spouse.

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