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Three-alarm fire heavily damages carriage house, three decker on Robinson Street in Dorchester

Fire and firefighters on Robinson Street in Dorchester

GoFundMe for some of the residents.

The Boston Fire Department reports that a three-alarm fire that erupted around 5 a.m. at 36 Robinson St. in Dorchester displaced nine residents and resulted in an estimated $1 million in damage, but caused no injuries.

The department says the fire started in a carriage house behind the three decker but that the fire also did some damage to the house itself.

Spraying down hot spots (Photo by BFD):

Charred carriage house

Firefighters rescued three cats.

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So awful.

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At least nobody was hurt, no firefighters were hurt, and all the critters were rescued.

Good work by the fire department.

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I live very close to this frightening disaster. I am grateful that no one is injured or dead. I woke up at 6 AM not because of the smoke, or the fire engines, but because one or two helicopters were buzzing the neighborhood. They continued non stop until shortly after 7.

Why do the news organizations need to use noisy intrusive helicopters? Drones are cheap and can produce great quality video. It's time to retire the news helicopters.

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Drones are dangerous, especially when they crash into helicopters.

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In many parts of Boston you need to file an FAA form IN ADVANCE to advise you will be flying a drone on a specific date and time frame. This is so the FAA has a record of the vehicle in case it shows up on radar or may be in an air space that has restrictions.

Helicopters already have flight permissions to operate and they can quickly radio local FAA towers their location and reason for hovering.

News helicopters can also sometimes radio in helpful information to police, fire or other first responders. Surface crews operating a drone may not have that level of communication.

As always... this is a city with city noises and that includes news helicopters, med-flight helicopters, police helicopters and various other air vehicles.

It continues to amaze me how the newly transplanted people to Boston keep trying to turn it into a suburban forested township. For the love of Bob, it's a city. Get over it.

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In the carriage house? Cause?

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