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Three-alarm fire heavily damages house on Romsey Street in Dorchester

Romsey Street fire

Boston firefighters responded to what turned into a three-alarm fire at 77 Romsey St., off Sydney Street, in Dorchester around 4 a.m. - almost eight hours after another three-alarm fire in Dorchester.

One resident was home at the time and escaped unharmed, the department reports, adding damage to the three-family home was estimated at $500,000.

WBZ reports battling the fire proved a particular challenge because of a large volume of hoarded things on all three floors. The department reports firefighters eventually had to just leave the building and perform "defensive" firefighting from the outside, to keep the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings.

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I've worried about that house for years, it's in pretty rough shape. The BFD did a great job knocking it down with minimal damage to the surrounding structures. I hope the person living there was able to get out with no injuries.

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I am always interested in learning about the cause of house fires in the neighborhood and I looked up the street address on street-view. # 77 looks like it had a nearly completed renovation in July 2019. It seems like #73 is the one that burnt, and it did look in pretty shabby condition. Fire caused by electrical or smoking would be my guess.

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the neighboring house had a really nice, full gut-rehab done and was almost a carbon-copy of the one that burnt. Seeing the 2 next to each other was an interesting contrast.

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I feel like you've posted at least two a week in recent months. Thank goodness for home insurance! Hope everyone is okay

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The correct address is 73 Romsey

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