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Two guys sought for questioning over torched BPD cruiser during Sunday rioting

Seeking Identities of Two Related to Vandalism of Boston Police Vehicle

The FBI has released video and a wanted poster for two guys they and BPD want to talk to about their possible role in torching a BPD cruiser outside the Beantown Pub on Tremont Street Sunday night. Neither is described as black.


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Lots of suburban white young 'uns with no clue treated the protests as a just another reason. to drink and be stupid. I was surrounded by them when I was waiting for bud to get home last week and when I woke up the next morning at 6 to get to Forest Hills I was greeted by crushed White Claw cans all over the sidewalk.

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look too bright.

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The one kid looks like a young Johnny Damon!

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So the FBI has so much free timer right now that they're investigating police cars being set on fire?

How about you investigate the color of law violations popping up all over the nation, daily?

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We the people need to hurry up and catch these terrorists. Burning in the police car is not protesting burning anything and causing damage to anything is not a protest. And I am a man of color.

these two individuals are extremely dangerous to all bostonians anyone who has information leading up to the arrest of these individuals should make it happen ASAP.

It's not called snitching when you're actually doing your Civic duties.

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The Boston Tea Party was a protest that damaged property. This is Boston.

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They burned a car with no one in it during a protest, which plenty would say is rightfully protesting a lot.

And you want to use the same word that's meant for people who intentionally blow up a building full of hundreds or thousands of people?

No. Not even close. There's no proof, nor logical reasoning that suggests that these two, if proven guilty wanted hundreds of innocents to die.

Not only are these two not extremely dangerous, they're likely not dangerous at all. 1 - they're wanted for questioning. They could be totally innocent. 2 - I am hardly concerned they are on their way to my house to attack me, nor am I worried that they would assault me or anyone else walking down the street. So no, they are not dangerous.

It's time for real conversations. Not racist propaganda. So save your buzz words meant to falsely drum up emotion. It's your civic duty to care about the lives of all citizens, so go out and join the protest.

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They have been identified. Not named but they cancelled the bulletin.

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